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welovecharles's Journal

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knock knock.
who's there?
shut your pie
shut your pie who?
shut your pie hole

this community is dedicated lovingly to one of the greatest characters of Penny Arcade: Charles.

why have we made this community you ask? well, you dumb bitch, we made it because charles is too cool, and we needed to let the world know. not only know that he is cool...but that he is being shunned by Gabe & Tycho (no offense to the two, though we are INFURIATED). Yesyes, he has not been in a post for 902309239023904940 years and counting! When will we get to see another one of his pie hole jokes again?

we beg, and promise we will make sex with you, if you join and support our Mac-loving friend.

MOD's: fuuh and human_skull and veggie

please support child's play from penny arcade

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